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By entering your Mitsubishi serial number you will receive 1 month free of Photo Party Upload usage. You will not receive any charges for any activity for 4 weeks from the time of your registration. Regular Photo Party Upload usage fees will apply beginning 4 weeks from the time of registration. By entering your valid Mitsubishi serial number you agree that your contact information will be shared with Mitsubishi.


Qualifying models:







Valid for qualifying models purchased within in the past 12 months.

All other Photo Party Upload terms apply.


This is a LA Photo Party Inc. promotion. Please call 310-817-0998 for promotion questions.

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Per Upload and Per Print - You will be billed 10 cents for every photo, animated GIF, and video upload. Printing is NOW FREE!
Pay Per Event - You will be billed $30 per event. This is intended for a 24 hour time frame. If you event is more than one day, please make multiple events in Event Manager.
Unlimited - Pay a $300 monthly fee and use it for an unlimited number of events in 1 month. Add-ons included! - 1 month minimum required.
Business - Pay a $2500/year fee and use it for an unlimited number of events. Add-ons included! - 1 year minimum required.


Regardless what package you choose, you will receive a free 2 weeks trial. At the completion of this trial you will be billed for services you chose based on your package selection.After your free trial, you will be automatically billed for all future activity on this account.

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Note: To validate your credit card, we will run a $1 verification transaction. This transaction will be voided after it has been verified.

Your credit card will not be charged at this time during your free trial.

After your free trial, your activity will automatically be billed to your credit card bi-weekly

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